Sunday, September 12, 2010

The First Memories

Inspired from The One-Minute Writer, I started thinking about my very first memory. But I couldn't catch the first one because there are plenty of blurry pictures. But I sorted some memories that are important in my life, that are old and that are beautiful...

I remember;

  • The first time I saw Milkyway (4 yrs)
  • Hitting my head to the sharp corner of a table and getting stitched (5 yrs)
  • My first sunrise (6 yrs)
  • Falling down from the second floor (8 yrs)
  • Jumping down from the second floor (7 yrs)
  • The first earthquake I felt (8 yrs)
  • The first time in Ankara and first time in Anıtkabir (5 yrs)
  • The first day of school (6 yrs)
  • The woman that I first fell in love with (4 yrs)
  • My first fight (6 yrs)
  • My first toy (4 yrs)
  • The first time I got scared of sth (5 yrs) -may be except baby times 'cause I probably got scared of plenty of things when I was a baby-
All these are great memories and each of them are different stories to be told. But all in all, it was good to remember all those again...

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