Tuesday, September 07, 2010


"Mommy, what's that sound?"

He reminded on the days that he was running on the streets with joy. Then, he started thinking about Amir... They are born in between six months, in neighbouring houses. They were more brothers than friends.

Arash thought on the day that they had a fight. They had a fight for the beautiful next door girl. Of course, it was just a childhood story. They had fights and made peace hundreds of time. Arash is just 10 years old but he is not a child anymore. The circumstances and the surrounding forced him to grow up in the last two years. He doesn’t mind growing up, he doesn't mind not playing on the street like any other children but he is so upset when he thinks about the times he spent with Arash, until two years ago.

All memories were coming to an end when he asked that question to his mother. On the time he heard that sound which he didn't know what and never heard before, everything ended in his memories.

"It's nothing my little, don't be afraid!" said his mother while trilling. "...From now on, when it is bed time for kids, they will play this sound...” Even though it never played, Arash understood very well what that sound was: It was the sound of Freedom! 

It was the sign of incoming freedom. It was the sound that made Arash away from playing with his friends on beautiful and sunny days... It was the sound made him grow up when he was just 10, pushed him to work... Beyond everything, it was the sound that took Amir away from Arash forever, when he was just 8.

Arash liked neither the Freedom nor the sound of it. He was always happy and joyful on the days he was not free... Arash was just a kid who wanted to grow up sometime in life but Freedom stole his childhood from him.

How could Arash know what Freedom was on the day he asked that question to his mother...? He is now free but he never liked freedom, never could...

(Photo: Jason Lang)
(Song: Skyclad - War and Disorder)

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