Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Understanding of Life?

A month ago, I was in Turkey for a project called "From Depths of Space to the History of the Past". It was a project to introduce astronomy to children and public in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

It was a success as far as I can tell. We reached more than 10 thousand students and children. There were planterium shows, conferences, exhibitons and slide shows and presentations for children.

I was making one of those presentations and was talking about the size of the universe. I started from the solar system and compared the sizes of Sun and Mercury to them: If the Sun is the size of a football ball, Mercury is the size of a sesame. Then I was comparing the largest known star (VY Canis Majoris) and the sun: If VY Canis Majoris is a football ball, the Sun is 1/10 of a sesame.

Incredible sizes, aren't they?

Now how is that connected with the understanding of Life: by comparison.

In life, we compare. We compare, to understand things, to see things, to load a meaning to them. But is that the right thing to do?

Well, I won't make any discussion about what is wrong and right. But I believe in one thing that comparisons are a tool for understanding of our humble minds. Otherwise, I admit that, it is really hard. We compare to simplify life.

Let's now return back to the topic I started: In my comparison the sizes as well got mixed up a bit. Because compared to a sesame you don't know what Mercury's size is or Milky Way's size. So we don't know. When we compare we simply don't know 'cause we simplify.

That's human mind. That's us. Even though we don't want, we compare. I compare as well. This was a discussion to myself. No conclusion, no ending. There are things in life which we cannot change. This is just one of them...

(Photo: DiNoDrAwEr)

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