Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Billionth Baby

June 11, 2011

Dear 7 billionth baby,

You are already in your mother's womb, about to be born in 4 months...

Before you are born, I would like to say that we are sorry... We didn't mean to create a such mess in your home, on earth.

We know that being sorry doesn't mean anything after all, but everything got out of control all of a sudden...

But just, I have one wish from you: Please! Please, don't think that the situation is irreversible. You can teach us and we can do it...

I believe you, at least, I do...

With love,
some earthling...

P.S. The baby girl in the above picture, Danica May Camacho, has been born as the 7 billionth baby on October 31, 2011, around 4 months later this letter has been posted.





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