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Let It Snow?

December 24, 2014

I remember my first memories, not vivid, but I do remember the white of the snow. Not just the colour or the cold of it, but also the happiness and joy it brought together. However as a person that grew up in a city that is close to the coast of Aegean Sea (not close in an Italian sense: In Italy a town as far as my town from the coast would be far to the coast, look at the map if you want to see it; in Turkish terms close). At almost 40 degrees latitude, close to Aegean Sea, you don't have a strong winter, so snow was a miraculous event! 

Once or twice in every winter it would snow and there would be, the most, 2-3 cm snow cover, which would eventually melt in couple of hours. So, while making a snowman was hard, if you were fast enough, you could do it while it still snows. And yes; it would stand for a while... That's why, when I have been placed to Erciyes University after the University Student Selection Examination, I was happy that I was going to a city that was snow covered throughout winter. 

All dreams come to an end quickly. The very first year I moved there, and even in the second week of the snow, I started hating it! Enjoying something and living with it is completely different, I have faced it then.

Long story short, 10 years passed since, and the city once covered with snow from November till April, now sees snow once or twice throughout the winter. Last year it snowed for 3 days starting on December 10th. By Christmas, there was no snow cover. That was all the snow for the whole winter. I remember times that it used to snow continuously for a week and a half, non-stop. 2015 winter has just arrived and it snowed on December 22nd and not as much as last year. 

Now I miss snow, not just for the joy of it, but also for nature. We grow and see the world with our big eyes differently, while keeping the kid inside...

Did someone say Global warming?...

(Photographs are taken by (in order of appearance) Mehmet Ali Kayıhan and myself)





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