About Me

This is the part where I tell you some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff about me (seems I have already told something). By the way, the guy you see on the right is me.

To go back, I was conceived on a November night (well I think it would be a night) in 1985. Around 9 months later (as most of us do) I was born on July 1986, in the city of Denizli, in Turkey. I have spent the first 18 years of my life here, studied high school here (at Turkish Education Foundation Anatolian High School), learned photography here and started my amateur acting career here.

After 18 years in Denizli, I went to Kayseri for college and this is where I got my BSc degree from Erciyes University Astronomy and Space Sciences Department. During my BSc studies, I volunteered in many organisations including the Astronomical Society of the university and the Space Generation Advisory Council. I am also the current Middle East Regional Coordinator of SGAC. 

All these volunteerings and Astronomy helped me travel to 15 countries. Those travels also help me get some good photos while I am on the way. 

Apart from day-to-day jobs that I do, I am a member of Beyaz Cüce and Radio Wave Hunters both are which independent science groups. Beyaz Cüce consists of individuals from different cities and institutes who are working on various topics in astronomy, mainly binary stars, and RWH is a radio astronomy groups composed of students from Erciyes University.

There is more can be told about me but that's more personal life of mine (so if you are not interested you may skip to the final paragraph). I write more than I read, mainly poems, stories and critiques. I cycle a lot but not enough compared to an average cyclist. I love taking photos so sometimes I combine cycling with photography (I have two Minoltas and one Lubitel). I love TV shows and movies, I watch lots of them. You can see what I have watched recently on the banner below and following that banner you can see what I have watched all my life. That wasn't enough, so I produced and edited some short movies and also have future projects on that.  Following my blog, you may get to know more about what I do in life. 

To finalise, currently I am a MSc student at Erciyes University Astronomy and Space Sciences Department, working at the Erciyes University Astronomy and Space Sciences Observatory and Research Centre as Outreach Coordinator and teaching astronomy at Private Erciyes Schools.






What I've Watched!