On my older websites I used this page to reflect what I was doing as a side job or volunteering (Yes, I do lots of volunteering). Now that I am a professional astronomer, I will mainly include the work I do. 

As indicated in About page, I am a MSc student at Erciyes University. So I study on a topic. Apart from my study, I am a part of some independent science groups with which I am also doing some astronomical works (I will talk about that works in the near future). One of these groups is Beyaz Cüce, an independent friend network of which its members happens to do science, yay! So far this has been a big part of my life. 

While talking all about these, I would not skip my volunteerings with Space groups but that will not be the main topic on this page. 

However, to give you some sort of info on all these, I should sort these all out and put them in a good order to present. That will not be quite soon but certainly will happen.

Until then, you can ask me directly if you are wondering.





What I've Watched!